How Billboards Can Enhance Your Facebook Ads

https://youtu.be/fDR1uYp88AM As Facebook advertising costs rise, out-of-home advertising such as billboards can help businesses get an edge on their competitors. Facebook ads are a major marketing channel for businesses big and small, and for good reason. This has caused many marketers to diversify their marketing channels, and think beyond the Facebook/Instagram ecosystem. That’s where...


Advantages of Drones to Marketers

https://youtu.be/aY0BzzmhxtU Many of the drones we see at parks and beaches are being flown by hobbyists trying to capture a quality photograph, but drones are evolving in the marketing world as well. In fact, drone technology is at the point where drones are more like a tool rather than a toy when in the right hands. Get Perfect Billboards & Other OOH Media In Few Clicks! Adbuq lets you easily...


How Advertisers Can Increase Their Return On Investment (ROI) In Out-Of-Home.

https://youtu.be/auoooFMBzrg An analysis of over 200 OOH advertising campaigns of which 160 had OOH in the media mix provided evidence of the effectiveness of OOH and demonstrated the medium’s value in delivering profitability. The study also looked at how OOH works with other media in an increasingly digital media landscape. Get Perfect Billboards & Other OOH Media In Few Clicks! Adbuq lets...


Creative Outdoor Advertising Campaigns Around The World

Not all billboards are created equal. The market and the audience of certain billboards must be taken into careful consideration in order to maximize their effectiveness. Because of this, billboards around the world are designed in different ways and seek to capture different audiences. We’ve compiled some examples of different successful billboards across the world and how they attempt to reach out to...


History of Billboards Advertising

https://youtu.be/CHo0larTqUQ The billboard — the poster child of traditional advertising — is alive and well. While it may be the age of internet advertising, the billboard — and all “out-of-home (OOH)” advertising, for that matter — is booming. Get Perfect Billboards & Other OOH Media In Few Clicks! Adbuq lets you easily browse hundreds of premium billboard and other OOH media...

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