Hitting a Bullseye with Your Target Audience. Do research & learn Demographics


It’s time to dial in your amazing advertising strategy, but before you decide on the best way to advertise you need to make sure you know who your target audience is.  Do your research and learn your consumer demographic. Once you know who, what, when, and why, you need to make sure you are choosing the best ways to reach that audience and grab their attention.


Time to Do Your Homework

The first step in attracting your target audience is to know who that target audience is.  This means you will have to do research to learn who your target consumer demographic is. Watch who is buying your product or service as you need to find out the age, gender, ethnicity, income, marital status, etc.  of the people doing the buying. Look at your competitors to see who they are targeting in their marketing campaigns. This can give you a basis, but you don’t want to do the exact same market. Try to find that niche they may have overlooked. Another thing you can do is really look and analyze your product or service.  Make a list of all the features of your product/service and then list all its benefits. Once you have that make a list of the type of people that needs those benefits. All of this information is going to define your target audience and who you need to design your marketing strategy around.

You Know the Who, Now for the How

When you are working an advertising strategy you want to make sure your message is bold, engaging, and gets viewed by as many people as possible.  Most people plan their marketing campaigns around social media. Don’t get us wrong, social media is a powerful tool, but one tool that is often overlooked, and some consider outdated, is the power of the billboard.  They are seen by millions of people as they travel from work to home or traveling for work or vacation. If you are stuck in traffic what are you doing? You are looking around reading the billboards.

Keep your message short, sweet, and to the point using seven words or less.  People only get to see billboards for a few seconds, so they don’t have time to read a long message.  Make your message something memorable. You want to catch their attention and make them remember what they read later.  Use something that makes an impact or makes them laugh.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing your billboard, visibility and location are important things to consider and Adbuq has many prime locations to choose from. You are wanting mass numbers to see your billboard and location is key.  If you are not provided with a traffic count, ask for one. You need to see how many people are passing that location.  You want to reach your demographic and for that, your message needs to be visible. Look at what traffic stops are near your billboard.  If you choose one that is near a roundabout or at an intersection, people will notice your billboard more as they are already looking around them.

Billboards have come a long way in the marketing industry and are still a powerful marketing tool that is sometimes overlooked.  At Adbuq, we can help provide a powerful message that is gentler on your marketing budget. Really, why would you pass up on a marketing tool that is seen by thousands and does the hard work for you? Contact Adbuq today to get started on creating your billboard.  It’s the financially smart thing to do!

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