Effect of size, Location and content of billboards on brand awareness


In recent years, there has been an immense growth in outdoor advertising. Outdoor billboards help in constructing brands and strengthening their images in the mind of the prospective consumer. The purpose of this study is to determine the influence degree of billboards advertisements on survey participants in Pakistan. The research also attempted to specify the effect of different characteristics and features of billboards advertisements and its effects on customers’ purchase behaviors and brand awareness. The data was collected from 387 respondents from Karachi city through convenience sampling. Resources which we used and budget which we put is also considered very low and minimum. Model fitness can be interpret by ANOVA and it is showing that’s it’s a significant model because the value of significant is under 0.5 so this tell us that model is fit. Correlation in-between content & brand awareness is 0.391 at 0.01 significant level, between location and brand awareness is 0.299 at 0.01 significant level & in-between size and brand awareness is 0.319 at 0.01 significant levels.

Key words: brand awareness, billboards business, location, size, content, outdoor advertising, brand recognition, purchase intention.

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OOH or out of home advertising is considered as the most effective medium of advertisement. As many of the consumers spend their large span of time travelling on roads and many consumers use transportation, companies use outdoor advertising medium to catch the attention of that audience and market their product. Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. (2015), Billboards are the most impactful & largest medium of advertisement for out of home advertisement. History of OOH traces from mid 1800s when Jared Bell in 1800s used large circus poster to the public. Ever since advertising by billboards is always on top of brand by the companies like Palmolive and Coca-cola, who have been using this medium since 1900 from the time when the likeness of billboards are really eye catching (HISTORY OF OOH, 2015).

However advertising has largely progressed and numerous diversified and out of the box methods of advertisement were introduced but roadside advertisement and billboards are remained the most effective way to capture the travelling audience by land transportation. Comparing all other marketing and advertising strategies, Billboards are remaining on the top of the list of all other advertising strategies because it’s the most popular activity done in this industry and its all creative strategies are in resulting best because of excellent creativity. So we have to consider that execution is very important. Since then billboards have caught the attention of many through their catchy content, strategic location, sizes, reach, visibility, frequency and many other features which in return help brands to take space in a consumer’s mind who’s encountering it on daily basis creating immediate revenue.

Advertising is actually more attractive and effective for these enterprises, they actually give them large number of benefits in order to achieve goals in ROI, this advertising helps them in a way to survive in the market because the market is very tough, survival now a days is very important and its efficient for enterprises to use advertising and marketing tools like billboards, newspaper, radio, TV and many other resources to compete in this market. It helps in making of a purchase decision because it’s attractive and gets the attention of the consumer so they can choose the best one according to their need. This is the best advantage because of which enterprises in Pakistan using all these techniques.

Now if you see advertising from another point of view so the consumer get a guide to select the best offer from thousands of choice in an industry. He or she select the best option which are according to their need, it refers them to select the most appropriate product and the best one which meets their need for a product. Outdoor advertising starts in 1850 in Turkey, where they big painting and large advertisement paintings to be done ion huge buildings and now this industry is emerge a big revolution in entire advertising sector. All companies using different style and tools for advertising, outdoor advertising is one of the best profitable and unique types of advertising which is used in maximum exposure of a company in the market & sector is also working with foreign advertising agencies. These all new emerging ways is giving excellent exposure in to this industry with a large boom.

Purpose Of Research


In this study our main purpose is to have detailed discussion of billboard advertisements in creating brand awareness. For this purpose, a survey was conducted from a sample of 387 respondents and in-depth and telephonic interviews were conducted with the advertising agencies dealing with OOH advertisements in Karachi. Survey provided the data and interviews all are deeply and statistically done with SPSS program.

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