Tips to Create an Impactful Billboard Design


1. Be Clear and Concise

Your content will only be visible for a few seconds at a time. Good billboard designs communicate without a lot of words. In fact, most drivers will stop reading after five words. Try to convey the essence of an idea rather than describing it with prose.

2. Use the Correct Ad Size

The billboards you choose will determine the size of the artwork that you will need to create.

The ads you submit must match the pixel dimensions of the billboards they will appear on. Billboard dimensions vary by board. The required dimensions for your artwork are listed as “ad size” in the sign information for each sign individually. This information can be found after you select a sign during the campaign set-up process.

3. Be Bold

Due to drivers’ short attention spans, use large, bold fonts and avoid narrow or ornate fonts. Use bright colors with a high level of contrast between the text and the background so your ad is easier to read.

4. Use the Right Format

Please save your ads as .png or .jpg in order to upload them to your campaign.

5. Use Appropriate Content

Make all ad content appropriate for all audiences.

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