How Billboards Can Enhance Your Facebook Ads


As Facebook advertising costs rise, out-of-home advertising such as billboards can help businesses get an edge on their competitors.


Facebook ads are a major marketing channel for businesses big and small, and for good reason.

This has caused many marketers to diversify their marketing channels, and think beyond the Facebook/Instagram ecosystem.

That’s where out-of-home (OOH) advertising, including billboards, comes in.

If you’re limiting your marketing efforts to just digital channels like Facebook and Instagram, you’re also limiting your chances to reach your target customer.

By adding billboards to your marketing mix, you can now reach your customers in the time before and after they’re on their computer or phones.

Increased brand exposure helps conversion rates across all marketing platforms.

A 2017 Nielsen study found that people are 48% more likely to click on a digital ad if they’ve already seen that same ad on an OOH sign.

A nearly 50% increase in click-thru-rate on a platform like Facebook is huge, especially when competition is already high.

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